Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stupid not-feeling-well kind of day

I hate it when I wake up to crummy weather. I hate it even more when from out of nowhere I have a sore throat, horrible headache, and crummy weather. Add a low-grade fever and you've got a great snapshot of me today.

I do have to give a big "THANK YOU!" to Husband and Youngest Son for straightening up the house and running errands while I was in my medically-induced semi-coma this morning. Husband and I thought we could stay up late on Friday night like we did when we were younger while Youngest Son was at his friend's sleepover. Both of us are feeling the ill effects of trying to be "young" again today. And, yes, the evil couch has been taking its turns on the guys -- each of them having a moment or two to drift off to sleep. I've been staying on the loveseat but the curse is beginning to spread.

Anyway, EPIX is showing Iron Man 2 at the moment. It will be followed by Thor (which Youngest Son hasn't seen yet) and then the evening will be capped-off by Captain America. Yes, we're getting our Avengers prepping done tonight.

So, back to the living room and my attempts at keeping my own personal global warming in check. It's not terribly warm or humid but I feel like I'm in a sauna. Iced tea, anyone?

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