Saturday, April 7, 2012

Curse of the couch

Not much happened here today. Youngest Son went to work on his school's play which will be showing next weekend. Husband and I actually got to have lunch together. The star of our community theatre production came by the house for some special effects makeup work for his church's Easter pageant (will be back in the morning for more). Sat and watched A Bugs Life and Cars with the family.

Well, sort of. I sat and watched A Bug's Life and Cars. Youngest Son fell asleep on the couch and I had to send him off to bed. Husband decided to take his spot ("Because it's warm there" was his reason) and promptly fell asleep. I kept having to wake him up so he could watch the parts he likes in the movie. There must be something in the cushions of the couch that affects males because both Youngest Son and Husband will fall asleep there regardless of how much sleep they got the night before or what they've been doing during the day.

I usually sit on the loveseat because it's closer to the television and there's just enough room to stretch-out a bit (it helps when you're short). I let the guys argue over who will sit in the chair or fall asleep on the couch. At times when I sit in the chair so I can work on my laptop, they'll each take either the loveseat or the couch -- and invariably one or both (usually Husband first) will fall asleep. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't snore loudly. Even the dogs are often awakened from their sleep by the noise, which is odd because even the dogs snore around here.

It's late and I've got to get this posted so I won't miss my personal deadline of posting every day. Maybe I'll go to bed early. Maybe I'll stay up and watch television. Maybe I'll get some sleep in-between everyone else's snoring.

Oh, and what they say about me snoring....I've never heard myself snore so I can neither confirm or deny whether it happens or not.

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