Monday, April 9, 2012

Am-Dram: Junior Edition

Youngest Son has a play in rehearsal this week with performances scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. His school is producing The Borrowers and he's playing the gypsy boy that comes out near the end of the play to say something prophetic but it's usually lost on the audience because of the strange Romanie/Cant accent he has to perform so that he doesn't blend in with the rest of the characters. However, after listening to him this afternoon, I'm not sure we'll be hearing much of the accent.

It's not that he can't do it. He and I have practiced and I've shown him a lot of information about the Travellers and how to create his character. It's just that he said that most of the other actors don't know their lines or aren't doing a British accent, so what's the point of him doing one? I asked what his teacher said about it and how she likes his performance? He said that they haven't gotten to his part in the other rehearsals and when they finally did today, the teacher had left and someone else he didn't know was in charge of feeding lines to those who couldn't remember them.

Poor kid. He really, really wants this to be a good, standout part for him because he's only been in musicals until now. He wants to show that he can do drama and be a character actor so that when he moves up to high school and begins the drama classes there, maybe he'll have an advantage of getting some of the bigger parts and learning more along the way. He's already decided that he's going to major in theatre when he goes to college. I'm trying to convince him to double-major in acting and technical theatre because there are tons of actors out there waiting for their big breaks but you can always put your technical skills to use even in a small theatre company.

We'll see how the rehearsals go for the rest of the week. Fortunately, he's acting with a lot of his friends (and girls that he likes but won't tell them, too). Even though he won't be onstage much, at least he'll have fun hanging out in the wings.

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