Sunday, March 4, 2012

My kingdom's fence is falling down....

Gaah!!! It's been less than a month since I finally got the privacy fence I've been waiting and waiting for and the stupid thing has started falling down.

Yes, I know there's been some bad weather and it's been windy but (1) the tornado didn't touch down here, (2) high winds were reported but they were blowing towards the fence which would push it into the posts and not outward towards our neighbor's yard, and (3) it's only been a freakin' month and the stupid thing has started falling down! I've contacted the contractor and he says it will be fixed immediately but not Monday.

We'll see about that. If the panels keep falling off, someone will be fixing it and it's not going to be me. And, if for some forsaken reason it is me, there will be a lot of money returned since he's already admitted that the panels should have been screwed and not nailed onto the posts.

I'm going to go stomp into the other room and severely watch TV while waiting for tomorrow to come. I'll update as needed.

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