Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Am-Dram: Stress level critical....

Just got home from last dress rehearsal for our production. Not very happy. Actually, there are lots of people not very happy at the moment. Director came and helped bring in new set pieces early (which I greatly appreciated) and then left for the local school's junior high band concert. Myself, Husband, and another actor in the production all had to miss seeing our children in the concert because we had to be there for rehearsal. I spent over an hour by myself trying to set-up the "stage" because no one from the community theatre "community" has volunteered to help with sets or props (except for the people in the show and I really, really appreciate them for that). I tried to answer questions on why things were set-up like they were (I changed the arrangement of the furniture so people would get on-and-offstage quickly) and why we couldn't have things we wanted and why things we had before we didn't.

All I could do until the assistant director arrived was apologize and make-up answers the best I could. I have no authority over the building we're using and I have no authority on the Board to make decisions. I even tried to placate the press representative (which we need because we've not had much advertising) into staying for just a few moments longer to get really good photos of the main actors who were coming in but a little later than we expected.

We didn't finish the run-through tonight. Lots of lines and entrances were missed. I told everyone before the rehearsal that I was not going to be giving lines tonight. I hope they all take the next day (we don't have a rehearsal tomorrow and we open on Thursday) and review, review, review.

Me? My Xanax and I have a date tonight. And tomorrow. And I have to see my therapist tomorrow, too. I just want to get through Thursday -- then I can deal with the new crises called "Friday" and "Saturday."

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