Friday, March 9, 2012

I hate my head today

Okay....quick post because I said that if I could be upright and use the computer that I'd have to post each day. Well, I'm upright. I think I'm using the computer correctly. But my head is screaming at me today.

Yup, it's a migraine day.

I wouldn't even be up on the computer if the ophthalmologist's office hadn't called to schedule my ERG and MRI for next week. Actually, when they heard I was having a migraine they said they wish they'd been able to do one now. Too bad for them. My head and I are going back to lay down with ice on it to try to get rid of this.

So, there's the post for today. Hope you liked it. I'm not even sure what it says of if any is spelled correctly. I'm just trying to check-off my "duty" to post today.

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