Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brain still work good after no computer

Well, 24 hours without the Internet and I'm still able to function normally. Not that I doubted I would -- I grew up in the time before computers were in everyone's homes. When computers were only for the government, military, and large corporation usage. There were no "apps." We didn't "post" unless you were building a fence or putting up a sign on a telephone pole. And no one in my area ever surfed -- that was reserved for the people on the coast who said "Dude!" a lot and we never could figure that part out either.

We would have conversations with friends and family members. If you were lucky to have television, you had three or four channels to watch until cable TV came along and even then there weren't that many added. I remember when we got HBO and we had to have a box on the top of our TV that had a switch you flipped to make HBO work. No switch, no movies. And you only got one HBO channel, not a bazillion like there are now and if you missed the movie when it was showing in your time zone you couldn't just wait around for the West Coast broadcast to watch it. But most of all, if you wanted to do something really outrageous like being a monster on some strange planet and having your friends there with you, you had to actually go outside and use your imagination. You had to physically be with your friends and you all played together. None of this sitting in front of a box with headphones on screaming at someone in a foreign country that you and your friends (who are in their respective homes and wearing headphones) are going to smash the crap out of them and their team of people sitting with headphones on in their respective residences. So much for "The Internet brings us 'together'."

The world did not come to an end. Politicians and celebrities are still doing and saying stupid things in the hopes of continuing their 15-minutes of fame. The sun still rises and sets. Ducks go "quack" and cows go "moo" and dogs go "woof" just like before.

So, today's post is going to be short because I've got a lot of catching-up to do. The sun is actually shining brightly outside and the dogs might like to go wallow in something rancid they previously deposited in the backyard (Why do they DO that??) and it would be a shame to waste a beautiful day in front of a computer screen. However, tomorrow is another day.....

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