Friday, February 24, 2012

Whee!! Over 1000 views on my WordPress version of this blog!!!

Yippee! My blog has over 1000 views on it as of late last night!! Of course, it's really easy to get me happy and giggly about something right now. Had to have some minor oral surgery and the anesthesia has still not totally worn-off. They asked if I wanted a "local" or "general" and I said "general" would be fine and probably safer for them because if I was awake during it I'd probably have been trying to talk and ask too many questions. An unconscious patient is an easy patient at times.

Plus, I got my own bottle of prescription pain-killers, too! Those will be fun once I start needing to take them. All weekend Husband, Youngest Son, and I are supposed to be working for my online company at the local gun show. No, not a "gun show" where steroid-riddled guys show off their muscles; a "real" gun show. I enjoy looking at firearms, using them, and having my Second Amendment rights protected. We'll have a few for sale and a bunch of military surplus items as well. We don't get rich off of it but it gives me something to do to help make money when my primary employment doesn't have a huge disaster to which they want me to respond.

But for now, the "voices" and I are going to go curl-up on the couch and let the remote become one with my arm. It's going to be a long day tomorrow and I'm pretty sure those pain-killers will be needed soon. Time to rest, relax, witty that fits there. Yup, the brain is already decided it's down for the count today!

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