Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Drawing a blank.

Nope....I got nuthin' here today. It was supposed to rain; it didn't. It was supposed to snow; it tried to but didn't. Went to weekly therapist session and didn't accomplish much. Started to do the dishes; didn't get around to doing them. It's a boring, drab day with nothing inspiring me to write. Of course, when you're a depressed person and it's a depressing day, you kind of expect that.

Maybe tomorrow will have something. Right now, I'll just give the ol' brain a rest and see if something does come up worth posting. the way....I've got the "voices" tied-up in the back of the brain right now arguing over things that I "should" worry about but in all reality I can't "do" anything about. So, they can stay there for a while. Or at least until they chew their way through the ropes.

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