Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dull, dull, dull....

Pretty boring day. Took medicine and then took a nap. Got up to watch TV and worked around the house. Broke a tooth and went to the dentist. Scheduled another dental appointment for next week to have tooth taken care of. Made dinner. Got a text that Step-Father fell and broke his lower leg. Watched TV. Tried to play videogame and got stuck within the first 15 minutes. Ate dinner. Watched Big Bang Theory. Realized I'd not written a blog yet. Got laptop out and started typing.

Pretty sad when you can sum-up your day in less than 100 words. Oh well, not every day is going to be thrilling. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting. Youngest Son has the day off, and he'll be busy preparing for his sleepover Saturday night. At least I remembered to post something tonight.

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